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Black MOP shell button, Natural Brown color
(22L,30L and 44L are not regular size.)
(There may be some darker or lighter color variation. This is not avoidable.)

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Item No.
Available size

BL-5/4H BL-16/2H BL-17/2H BL-17/4H  
14-40L 16-40L 14-32L 12-40L  
BL-F17/4H BL-18/4H BL-19/2H BL-23/2H  
16-40L 14-32L 18L 12-32L  
BL-100/4H(Flat) BL-104/2H(Concave) BL-108/2H BL-150/2H(Convex)  
16-40L 12-36L 16-18L 12-40L  
BL-152/2H BL-156/2H BL-171/4H BL-172/4H  
16-40L 14-18L 18L 18L  
BL-180/2H BL-220/2H BL-231/2H BL-234/2H  
12-32L 14-20L 16-20L 16-20L  

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