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Brown MOP shell button, Natural Black color
(22L,30L and 44L are not regular size.)

(There may be some darker or lighter color variation. This is not avoidable.Because of Brown MOP shell characteristic, the shape can not be very deep.Even same item No as other shell buttons, the shape may be slightly shallower.)

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Item No.
Available size

BR-238/4H BR-266/2H BR-267/2H BR-400/4H  
16-32L 14-18L 14-18L 18-20L  
BR-400/2H BR-440/4H BR-444/2H BR-601  
18L 18L 16-18L 16-40L  
BR-EX100/4H BR-EX101/4H BR-EX102/4H BR-EX108/2H  
16-40L 16-40L 24-32L 24-32L  

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